Rates are adjusted with effect from 1 January each year.

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, an hourly rate is applied.

The basic tariff applied is 175.00 euros per hour worked (VAT not included*). A higher or a lower tariff can be applied, depending on the importance, the difficulty or the urgency of the matter.

Unless expressly stipulated, the following office expenses are not included in the hourly tariff:

  • fixed handling costs of the file: 55.00 euros/year
  • correspondence/postage: 12.00 euros/letter
  • outgoing telephone calls/faxes/e-mails: 1.00 euro – abroad (tel./fax): 5.00 euros
  • photocopying/scanning: 0.50 euros/page
  • travelling expenses (car): 0.50 euros/kilometre.

The amounts mentioned above are exclusive VAT*.

Other expenses (e.g. registered mail, parking fees, train ticket): at cost.

Clients receive a detailed account of the fees (the hours worked if an hourly rate is applied) and the charges made for the work done on each case (the office expenses not included in the hourly tariff, and the other expenses incurred for the client, such as court registry fees and bailiff’s expenses).

I usually have to ask for a payment in advance (‘provision’). The amount of the advance payment depends on the circumstances of the case, in particular the probable costs involved.

*Lawyers’ services in Belgium are subject to the standard Value Added Tax (VAT) of 21% (save for some exceptions).

For more information concerning the above mentioned, please feel free to contact me.