My office offers legal aid and advice in all areas of Belgian law.

I have full rights of audience in all Belgian courts (except the Court of Cassation, the Belgian Supreme Court, in certain matters).

I give preference to the following domains:

  • liability (claiming damages or representing the defending party in
    matters of contractual or non-contractual liability, liability insurance)
  • traffic law (claiming damages or representing the defending party in
    civil and criminal procedures concerning road accidents, traffic offences)
  • real estate, construction law (landlord’s liability, tenant’s liability,
    architect’s and building contractor’s liability, liability of the building
  • commercial and contract law (Belgian and international contracts of
    sale, distribution agreements, debt recovery).

The area of my practice is not at all limited to these branches. I also handle other legal problems.

The civil liability and risk of insolvency of the office is covered by collective insurance policies taken out by the Flemish Bar Council for its members.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.